Built Environment

    Exemplar House

    The Exemplar house is a basic two storey design of a house, with a building system typical for New Zealand comprising of three bedrooms and a garage. This model was used as the basis for a study on energy and climate change impacts of a standard house over its life cycle. Materials, heating schedules and climatic setting of the house were modified to examine effects on the life cycle impacts.

    Prepared by Scion for the Department of Building and Housing (2008)

    Environmental Impacts of Multi-Storey Buildings Using Different Construction Materials

    The study investigated the energy use and climate change impacts related to a six-storey building made of different construction materials (steel, concrete and timber). Scion’s role in this project was to assess the embodied energy and embodied global warming potential (GWP) of the different scenarios.

    Prepared by the University of Canterbury, Scion and Victoria    University of Wellington (2009)

    Waitakere NOW Home

    This project used Life Cycle Assessment to assess the environmental performance of the Waitakere NOW Home over its 100-year lifespan. The system boundaries included construction, maintenance, operation and end of life. The operation stage dominated the life cycle energy consumption, global warming potential and acidification potential, contributing around 65-76% to the life cycle impact of these impact categories. A summary of the report is available on Beacon’s website.

    Prepared by Scion (2009)

    Life Cycle Assessment of the Australian/New Zealand plasterboard industry

    This report documents the environmental impacts of plasterboard in Australia and New Zealand over its whole life cycle and can be used as a benchmarking study. Data was provided by the Gypsum Board Manufacturers of Australasia (GBMA) member companies. The functional unit is “1 tonne of plaster used in the production of plasterboards”. The report "Sustainability in the Australian and New Zealand Gypsum Board Industry" is available from GBMA member websites.

    Prepared by Scion (2008)