8th avniR conference: Circular economy, innovate with Life Cycle Thinking

    Lille, France, 7-8 November 2018

    Key topics for the 2018 edition of the avniR conference:

    • Sustainable production (responsible supply chain, ecodesign, tackling the planned obsolescence, etc.)
    • Ecological marketing: strategic position and communication (environmental labelling, ecolabel, etc.)
    • LCA and economics models (circular economy, functional economy, cooperative economy)
    • Sustainable innovation by business sectors (building, textile, mobility, food, IT, energy, bioeconomy, culture, etc.)
    • New approaches around Life Cycle Thinking (monetarization of impacts, planetary boundaries, socio-economic approach, new indicators, etc.)
    • Life Cycle Thinking and public policy

    More details at: http://avnir.org/EN/Edition-2018-476.html