Special Issue on Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment in Journal of Industrial Ecology

    The Journal of Industrial Ecology has published a Special Issue on Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment. Jeroen Guinée (Leiden University), Thomas Gloria (Harvard University), Harn Wei Kua (National University of Signapore) and Bhawna Singh (Indian Ministry of the Environment) served as guest editors for the issue. The issue presents cutting edge research on LCSA including articles that:

    • Address conceptual challenges of broadening of impacts while maintaining a cohesive and comprehensive approach;
    • Communicate LCSA results to decision makers applying weighting schemes and dealing with value choices and subjectivity;
    • Incorporate technological, economic, and political mechanisms at various levels of analysis through linking or integration of LCA with other types of models; and
    • Develop appropriate, preferably quantitative and practical, approaches for social-LCA.

    Find out more: http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/jiec.2017.21.issue-6/issuetoc