The Committee consists of nine members who look after the day-to-day affairs of LCANZ. These are:

     Dr Barbara Nebel (President)Barbara Nebel

    Barbara is the Managing Director of PE Australasia. Barbara’s expertise is in Life Cycle Assessment and Life Cycle Management and works with industry and the regulatory environment to the implementation of sustainability strategies. She is experienced in working with industry in materials and product development projects. Prior to joining PE Australasia she worked for Scion, a Crown Research Institute, where she was heading the LCA team and worked for industry and government clients. 

    John McArthur (Treasurer)John McArthur

    John spent a number of years in the Pulp and Paper Industry here and in Scotland before a short career in the Public Service. With some relief he has returned to manufacturing - in composite wood panel products and decorative surfaces. His career started in Quality Control and Process Engineering, moved into Quality Management, then to Environmental Management and managing "Climate Change" response.

    Kimberly Robertson (Secretary)

    Kimberly is a consultant a Catalyst Ltd where she works within primary production and building industries on the use of life cycle thinking and assessment of products and services to improve their environmental impact. Prior to this she was based in Austria managing an IEA Bioenergy Task on forests and bioenergy, and worked for Scion as a scientist in the climate change and energy group. Kimberly chairs the Best Practice group for LCANZ. She has provided consultancy services to companies, government and international organisations. Recent projects have included the life cycle carbon footprinting of dairy goat milk products, carbon footprinting of kiwifruit packaging and carbon footprinting of flooring products.

    Dr Sarah McLarenSarah McLaren

    Sarah works with businesses and government to integrate life cycle thinking into company management practices, product design, and policymaking. She was previously Director of the postgraduate Environmental Life Cycle Management Programme, University of Surrey, UK; and Chair of the SETAC Europe LCA Steering Group. More recently, as Research Leader at Landcare Research, Sarah has led the Life Cycle Management Project for the manufacturing sector in New Zealand, and carbon footprinting projects for the horticultural sector.

    Dr Anthony HumeAnthony Hume

    Dr Anthony Hume is Senior Life Cycle Management Advisor at Landcare Research. He has over 12 years experience in the research and application of environmental Life Cycle Management in Europe and New Zealand. Anthony has led the carbon footprinting research for NZ Pipfruit and Berryfruit sectors and water footprinting for the Kiwifruit sector, and was instrumental in leading and completing the LCM for Manufacturers programme.

    Mike Horrell

    Mike Horrell is a postgraduate R & D Research Fellow at Methven Ltd.  His PhD focus involves using a Life Cycle Thinking approach to embed environmental consideration into product development of domestic water management systems.  The research is being conducted in association with the NZ Life Cycle Management Centre which has an established track record in undertaking cutting-edge research in LCA and LCM. Mike has recently graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering and Innovation Management where his studies provided experience in Life Cycle Assessment.

    Adam Schofield

    Adam has worked at Autex for 9 years helping to improve and expand their quality and environmental programmes and helping to turn the systems into an integrated sustainability platform. He  is responsible for driving Autex’s ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 Quality and Environmental Management systems and the life cycle management of Autex’s products and processes and providing the tools, expertise and direction to continue Autex’s journey towards an integrated sustainability life cycle management system. Adam has completed a Bachelors of Engineering in Chemical and Materials from Auckland University in 2004, a Graduate Diploma of Engineering in 2005 and has just completed a Masters in Engineering Studies at Massey University, majoring in Life Cycle Management.

    Shreyasi Majumdar

    Shreyasi is new to Life Cycle thinking, assessment and management, having had her interest piqued in the subject when she completed a foundational LCA paper at Massey University recently. With a bachelor's degree in Life Sciences, Shreyasi has worked as a journalist, writer, proof-reader, and editor in India and Singapore. She is now studying towards a postgraduate diploma in Environmental Management at Massey, and hopes to continue on to a Master's programme focussed on LCA research in New Zealand.

    Emily Townsend

    Emily is Sustainability Programme Manager at Downer New Zealand. Her main focus is on developing and implementing Downer's Energy Efficiency Programme, with a target to reduce energy intensity by 20% over five years to 2019. Prior to this, Emily was Sustainability Advisor at Tarmac Ltd, in the UK, where she developed and maintained Tarmac's Carbon Footprint Calculator, providing site- and product-specific carbon footprints across Tarmac's product range. In her final year with Tarmac, she provided 3,000 carbon footprint reports.


    The Committee is elected at every second Annual General Meeting from and by the members of the Association.