Membership & Benefits

LCANZ is a member driven organisation. Everyone with an interest in LCA or Life Cycle Thinking is most welcome – you don’t have to be an expert.

LCANZ offers three types of membership:

  • Corporate membership: $360 per annum
  • Individual membership: $120 per annum
  • Student / Beneficiary membership: $40 per annum {Students must be full time students}
  • To encourage new members to join at any time through the year, the committee has instituted a proportional subscription schedule: June/July 12/12 (full fee), August x10/12, September x9/12, October x8/12, November x7/12, December x6/12, January x5/12. Applications received after 1st February will pay full fee and carry through to 31st May of the following year.

Benefits of membership include:

  • Free or discounted access to LCANZ events including workshops, seminars and conferences
  • The LCANZ newsletter covering local and international LCA developments and activities
  • Access to LCANZ Members Forum on LinkedIn to foster conversation and collaboration
  • Participation in LCANZ consultations and submissions
  • Recognition of members participation in LCA development in New Zealand
  • Showcase of LCA activities through case studies
  • Participation in the advancement and application of LCA and associated tools toward a more sustainable society nationally and internationally

Additional corporate benefits:

  • Free or discounted access to LCANZ events for four individuals
  • Company logo on member profile with contact details and web links
  • Advertisement of business services
  • Up to four individual/certified member profiles linked to corporate profile
  • Use of LCANZ members logo on company website and communications

Maintaining your LCANZ Profile

Members are expected to behave in accordance with the LCANZ Code of Conduct.


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