Best Practice Working Group

The purpose of the Best Practice Working Group is to support LCA practitioners in New Zealand. The group works to identify requirements for New Zealand specific LCA/LCM resources, and to facilitate their development.

Examples include:

  • Methodology advice and recommendations
  • Description of Impact Categories and their relevance in the New Zealand context
  • Recommended LCIA Indicators, midpoint indicators and calculation methods
  • New Zealand Inventory Database (feasibility study)
  • Submissions to consultations on behalf of members
  • Development of whitepapers and position statements

Keep abreast of the latest developments in our Best Practice Section.

The Best Practice Working Group is made up of LCANZ practitioners who volunteer their time to support the wider LCA community in NZ. The group meets quarterly and welcomes new members.

Current members:

  • Kimberly Roberston (Co-chair)
  • Kelly McClean (Co-chair)
  • Jeff Vickers
  • Indika Herath
  • Jackson MacFarlane
  • Adam Schofield
  • Joanne Duncan
  • Gaya Gamage
  • Sachini Weerasinghe
  • Nathan Palairet
  • Sateesh Pisini
  • Rahul Chopra

Get in touch if you would like to support this work:

Initiation, Development and Engagement

All LCANZ members are welcome to submit agenda items for discussion by the Best Practice Working Group, including requests for submissions, positions and endorsements. We also recognise that our members are subject-matter experts and may wish to contribute to specific areas of work as they arise.

Our formal LCANZ Engagement Process outlines the steps for initiation, development and member engagement on LCANZ outputs to ensure they fairly reflect our diverse membership. Please contact for more information on how to get involved.

LCANZ does not undertake LCA or associated consultancy work but recommends you view our members’ page to find a suitable consultant or advisor.


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