Case Studies

Spreading sustainable Christmas cheer: Paper cards or e-cards?

Monday 19, December 2022

A comparative Product Carbon Footprint by thinkstep-anz shows that an e-card has a much lower carbon footprint than a paper […]

2022 Autumn Webinar Series: The Now and the NEXT of LCA

Wednesday 2, March 2022

We’re pleased to share all the recordings from our Autumn 2022 Webinar Series. Keynote Speakers 2nd March: Doughnut Economics with […]

LCA study of New Zealand mussels and oysters

Tuesday 30, November 2021

Using a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to compare the sustainability performance of Greenshell Mussels and Pacific Oysters farmed in New […]

Helping Lorde produce a Certified Zero Carbon album

Thursday 30, September 2021

Grammy Award-winner Lorde’s long-awaited third album, ‘Solar Power’, has achieved Net Zero Carbon status, with help from thinkstep-anz. The project […]

Mapping the Carbon Footprint of Milk for Dairy Cows

Thursday 26, August 2021

AgResearch conducted a structured literature review of the carbon footprint of milk production for different countries. Andre Mazzetto shared the […]

LCA study on courier bags finds a way to post more sustainably

Thursday 1, April 2021

Project conducted: April 2021 Author: thinkstep-anz New Zealand Post are on a mission to deliver parcels in the most sustainable way […]

The Power of LCA – LCANZ 2021 Summit – Presentations

Wednesday 3, March 2021

LCANZ was delighted to host our 2021 Summit The Power of LCA at GridAKL in the Wynyard Quarter, Auckland, on […]

Value vs volume for international tourists to New Zealand

Saturday 10, October 2020

Study date: October 2020 Author: thinkstep-anz Which scenario has the lower carbon footprint: a few tourists spending a lot, or […]

#rethinkLCA LCANZ 10th Anniversary Summit Presentations

Friday 13, December 2019

Links to pdfs of presentation slides from the #rethinkLCA LCANZ 10th Anniversary Summit:   Emily Townsend – LCANZ President Welcome […]

Buildings and NZ’s 2050 zero carbon goal.

Friday 31, August 2018

thinkstep-anz’s report identifies opportunities to decarbonise New Zealand’s building and construction sector by 40% with a focus on embodied emissions […]


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