Case Studies

Waitakere NOW Home

Thursday 22, October 2009

This project used Life Cycle Assessment to assess the environmental performance of the Waitakere NOW Home over its 100-year lifespan. […]

Environmental Impacts of Multi-Storey Buildings Using Different Construction Materials

Thursday 22, October 2009

The study investigated the energy use and climate change impacts related to a six-storey building made of different construction materials […]

Exemplar House

Thursday 22, October 2009

The Exemplar house is a basic two storey design of a house, with a building system typical for New Zealand […]

NZ Fuel and Electricity Energy & Life Cycle Emission Factors

Thursday 22, October 2009

This paper describes the results and methodology used for determining the primary energy, carbon dioxide and greenhouse gas emission factors […]

Carbon Footprints of Wind Farm

Thursday 22, October 2009

Life-cycle energy and global warming potentials of specific New Zealand wind farms have been assessed for Contact Energy and Trust […]

Life cycle liabilities of transport infrastructure (TILL)

Thursday 22, October 2009

This project uses Life Cycle Assessment methodology to estimate the benchmark energy use and greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) for passenger […]

Emissions Embodied in New Zealand’s International Trade

Thursday 22, October 2009

This study uses multi-regional input-output analysis combined with selected bottom-up analyses to estimate the greenhouse gas emissions embodied in New […]

The Life Cycle Management Project

Thursday 22, October 2009

This five-year project seeks to build capability among New Zealand manufacturing companies for product-oriented environmental management. LCM Champions in six […]

Lincoln University Dairy Farm Carbon Footprint

Monday 5, October 2009

This project determined, based on Life Cycle Assessment methodology, the total resource use and greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) or carbon […]

Greenwaste Compost Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Carbon Sequestration. Methodology and NZ Emission Factors

Saturday 3, October 2009

A literature review determined the default and upper and lower range of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions (and primary energy) from […]


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