Case Studies

Value vs volume for international tourists to New Zealand

Saturday 10, October 2020

Study date: October 2020 Author: thinkstep-anz Which scenario has the lower carbon footprint: a few tourists spending a lot, or […]

#rethinkLCA LCANZ 10th Anniversary Summit Presentations

Friday 13, December 2019

Links to pdfs of presentation slides from the #rethinkLCA LCANZ 10th Anniversary Summit:   Emily Townsend – LCANZ President Welcome […]

Buildings and NZ’s 2050 zero carbon goal.

Friday 31, August 2018

thinkstep-anz’s report identifies opportunities to decarbonise New Zealand’s building and construction sector by 40% with a focus on embodied emissions […]

Decarbonisation of NZ’s transport

Thursday 31, May 2018

Four future visions for New Zealand are presented in thinkstep-anz’s new transport report in which the carbon footprint of transport […]

LCANZ Members working with ZESPRI International

Monday 15, April 2013

Landcare Research + others What year was the project conducted: 2010 GHG Footprints Work led by Landcare Research, supported by […]

Should you choose an artificial or real Christmas tree?

Thursday 10, January 2013

What year was the project conducted: 2011 The first ISO-compliant, third-party peer reviewed Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) comparing the most […]

Lamb Carbon Footprint

Friday 5, November 2010 This project examined the greenhouse gas footprint of lamb produced in NZ and consumed in the UK. It used […]

Summerfruit NZ Carbon Footprint

Friday 5, November 2010

Catalyst R&D Ltd What year was the project conducted:  2010 This project describes the methodology used, results, and issues […]

Primary Energy and Greenhouse Gas Emissions From Tallow Based Biodiesel

Thursday 22, October 2009

This study provides a life cycle assessment of biodiesel derived from tallow.  Primary energy and greenhouse gas emissions were assessed […]

Advanced LCA Course

Thursday 22, October 2009

This two-day life cycle assessment course is aimed at participants who already have some knowledge of LCA, and would like […]


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