#rethinkLCA LCANZ 10th Anniversary Summit Presentations

Links to pdfs of presentation slides from the #rethinkLCA LCANZ 10th Anniversary Summit:


Emily Townsend – LCANZ President Welcome


Keynote speakers:

Dr Barbara Nebel – Good On You LCA

Sarah McLaren – From Here to … Ten Years of LCM Research in NZ

Dr Rachel Chiaroni Clarke – Rethinking Plastics in Aotearoa New Zealand

Dr Jim Fava – Should We Rebrand LCA?



LCA and Communications:

Matt Fordham – Bringing People With Us, The Role of Empathy in Communication

Mark Stevens – Asaleo Care, Our LCA Story

Kat McDonald – Lion´s Sustainability Story – and the Introduction of Carbon Neutral Beer

Jeff Parker – Developing an Association EPD for the Wood Processing Industry


LCA and Decision Making:

Kelly McClean and Adam Schofield – LCA and Transitioning to a Circular Economy

Nic Bishop – Systems thinking for sustainability (slides unavailable)

Simon Love – Fonterra Brands Packaging Decision Tool (slides unavailable)

Kevin Golding – Lessons Learned From a Decade of Putting LCA into Practice

Stuart Smith – LCA & EPD in Practice at NZ Steel



Jo Patterson – Communicating the Shift Towards Circularity

Kelly McClean and Adam Schofield – LCANZ Best Practice Working Group Workshop


LCA and Carbon:

Sam Archer – The Role of LCA in Driving Down Emissions in the Built Environment

Dr Marie-Joo Le Guen – Transitioning NZ to a Circular Bioeconomy

James Obern – Measuring the Impacts of Producing Valuable Products From Waste

Pete Lockhart – Timber Building, Carbon and Cost Comparison


Emily Townsend – LCANZ President Closing Session



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