LCANZ Mission

LCANZ’s mission is to provide a focal point for Life Cycle Assessment and Management work conducted in New Zealand. It’s our aim to promote networking and knowledge sharing between organisations and people. Promoting and raising the awareness of Life Cycle Thinking amongst the wider public and business is another key goal of LCANZ.

Some of the key objectives of LCANZ are:

  1. Provide coordinated input to the New Zealand government on its policy development for matters relating to LCA/LCM, with a view to ensuring that government is advised of current work and the views of LCA practitioners;
  2. Identify, prioritise and address barriers to widespread uptake of LCA/LCM, including:
    a. gaps in NZ LCA/LCM expertise;
    b. gaps in data;
  3. Provide input into relevant standards and guidelines (national and international), where it is deemed appropriate to do so;
  4. Support the continued professional recognition of LCA/LCM practitioners through certification (LCACP);
  5. Facilitate access to relevant LCA/LCM experts in New Zealand;
  6. Periodically review the need for LCA/LCM resources, and where a need is identified facilitate the development of its/their production;
  7. Provide technical advice on LCA/LCM work, where appropriate and feasible.

For a full list of the objectives and to find out more about how the society is run you can read the constitution here.

LCANZ does not undertake LCA or associated consultancy work but recommends you view our members’ page to find a suitable consultant or advisor.


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