The Committee consists of nine members who look after the day-to-day affairs of LCANZ. These are:

Emily Townsend

Emily Townsend (President)

Emily is passionate about using data to help companies improve their sustainability performance. For over a decade she has worked in sustainability and continuous improvement roles with companies in Australia, New Zealand and the UK to implement robust reporting and analysis systems and develop pathways and strategies to reduce impacts while providing tangible business value.

Emily joined the thinkstep-anz team as a Sustainability Engineer in early 2018, following experience with both product and corporate sustainability in the Infrastructure and Construction Materials sector. In her previous role as Sustainability Programme Manager at Downer New Zealand, her main focus was developing and implementing an Energy Efficiency Programme. Prior to this, Emily was Sustainability Advisor at Tarmac Ltd, in the UK, where she developed and maintained Tarmac’s Carbon Footprint Calculator, providing site- and product-specific carbon footprints across Tarmac’s product range to a broad range of clients and infrastructure projects.

In her role with thinkstep-anz, Emily has worked on product and corporate sustainability projects for a range of clients as well as heading up internal projects. Emily is thinkstep-anz’s Head of Life Cycle Strategies, helping clients to get the best from their LCA work.

John McArthur (Treasurer)

John spent much of his career in the Pulp and Paper and composite wood panel industries where he developed and managed Quality Management Systems to ISO9001, and Environmental Management Systems to ISO14001 standards. Given what was considered the hospital pass of the Climate Change spread sheet for Fletcher Wood Panels, John developed this work stream in Fletcher Building  to become their Carbon Reporting Manager developing the enterprise wide global reporting programme. This work fostered a drive for LCA in a number of business units.
John is now developing a small business, The Carbon Shop, with the objective of helping people understand the impact Climate Change will have on their family’s lives, understand what their carbon emissions are, and help them do something to reduce, or offset, their emissions.

Joanne Duncan

Joanne Duncan (Secretary)

Joanne graduated in 2018 with a Post Graduate Diploma in Environmental Management at Massey University. Prior to post graduate study she worked in accountancy in the business sector. The postgraduate study focused on life cycle assessment methodology, zero waste, product stewardship and the circular economy. She is passionate about sustainability in business.   Joanne considers life cycle thinking and methodology provide an important insight and base to promote product stewardship. She is particularly interested in finding the types of incentives which will encourage businesses and consumers to take responsibility for environmental impacts over product life cycles.  She thinks education would be a good place to start. She is a member of wasteMINZ and the Zero Waste Network.

Barbara Nebel

Dr Barbara Nebel

Barbara is the CEO of thinkstep-anz. Barbara’s expertise is in Life Cycle Assessment and Life Cycle Management and works with industry and the regulatory environment to the implementation of sustainability strategies. She is experienced in working with industry in materials and product development projects. Prior to joining thinkstep she worked for Scion, a Crown Research Institute, where she was heading the LCA team and worked for industry and government clients.

Adam Schofield

Adam Schofield

Adam has worked at Autex for 9 years helping to improve and expand their quality and environmental programmes and helping to turn the systems into an integrated sustainability platform. He  is responsible for driving Autex’s ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 Quality and Environmental Management systems and the life cycle management of Autex’s products and processes and providing the tools, expertise and direction to continue Autex’s journey towards an integrated sustainability life cycle management system. Adam has completed a Bachelors of Engineering in Chemical and Materials from Auckland University in 2004, a Graduate Diploma of Engineering in 2005 and has just completed a Masters in Engineering Studies at Massey University, majoring in Life Cycle Management.

Shreyasi Majumdar

Shreyasi Majumdar

With a bachelor’s degree in Life Sciences, Shreyasi has worked as a journalist, writer, proof-reader, and editor in India and Singapore. She recently completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Environmental Management from Massey University. During the course of her programme, she studied the foundational as well as the advanced Environmental Life Cycle Assessment papers, which got her keenly interested in Life Cycle Thinking as a major paradigm shift in environmental impact studies and sustainable development programmes. She is now enrolled as a doctoral candidate studying Life Cycle-based sustainability indicators and programme implementations in the New Zealand horticultural sector, and hopes to continue working to advance Life Cycle Thinking in New Zealand.

Kelly McClean

Kelly McClean

Kelly has a strong interest in systems design, circular economy strategies, bio-based materials and sustainable design practice. She is an experienced innovation and sustainability project manager and consultant who has worked on a range of initiatives in the NZ textiles, agriculture, FMCG and packaging sectors. Projects have included strategic change implementation, life cycle assessment studies and methodology development, Environmental Product Declarations, quality assurance and tech development. She has a Bachelor of Design (1st class Hons), majoring in textiles and in 2014 completed a Masters of Design as a Callaghan Innovation Fellow, from Massey University’s College of Creative Arts. Kelly became an LCANZ member during study towards an LCA and Footprinting Methods paper and contributes to the LCANZ committee from an industry perspective.

AJay Morris

AJay is originally an architect and since registering at the youngest age possible has chosen to diversify her career. She has had roles all around the construction industry including being a hammerhand while she was studying at Unitec, working in compliance and marketing for a main contractor and demolition company, environmental consulting management and has separately consulted under the brand Re:creation for nearly two decades. Most recently AJay was the Design Manager for a cladding company which changed all its products to ones with Environmental Product Declarations and hence has experience from a specifier’s as well as a supplier’s perspective. AJay is a passionate advocate for science-based decision making to benefit the environment and sees Life Cycle Assessment as key to improving the building industry, business as a whole and combating climate change globally.

Ferran de Miguel Mercader

Ferran is the Sustainability Manager at Fletcher Building, with Environmental Product Declarations a focus of his role. He joined Fletcher Building corporate office at the end of 2019, after one year looking after sustainability at Laminex New Zealand. Previously, he worked as a scientist at Scion developing technology for the production of biofuels, and at TNO (Netherlands) on CO2 capture and storage. He represented New Zealand at the International Energy Agency – Bioenergy, on the topic of Direct Thermochemical Liquefaction of biomass. He holds an MSc (Universitat de Barcelona, Spain) and a PhD (Universiteit Twente, Netherlands) both in Chemical Engineering.

The Committee is elected at every second Annual General Meeting from and by the members of the Association.


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