Energy Case Studies

The Power of LCA – LCANZ 2021 Summit – Presentations

Wednesday 3, March 2021

LCANZ was delighted to host our 2021 Summit The Power of LCA at GridAKL in the Wynyard Quarter, Auckland, on […]

Primary Energy and Greenhouse Gas Emissions From Tallow Based Biodiesel

Thursday 22, October 2009

This study provides a life cycle assessment of biodiesel derived from tallow.  Primary energy and greenhouse gas emissions were assessed […]

NZ Fuel and Electricity Energy & Life Cycle Emission Factors

Thursday 22, October 2009

This paper describes the results and methodology used for determining the primary energy, carbon dioxide and greenhouse gas emission factors […]

Carbon Footprints of Wind Farm

Thursday 22, October 2009

Life-cycle energy and global warming potentials of specific New Zealand wind farms have been assessed for Contact Energy and Trust […]

The Sustainability of Brazilian Sugarcane Bioethanol

Saturday 3, October 2009

This report is a literature review into the sustainability of Brazilian sugarcane based bioethanol. An LCA analysis of greenhouse gas […]


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