LCA study on courier bags finds a way to post more sustainably

Project conducted: April 2021
Author: thinkstep-anz

Sustainable Packaging

New Zealand Post are on a mission to deliver parcels in the most sustainable way and are one step closer, thanks to a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) study by Ben Riordan and Jeff Vickers of thinkstep-anz.

The study identified an alternative courier bag with a significantly lower carbon footprint than NZ Post’s original A5 bags. The company is now making the switch to the alternative bags which are made in New Zealand from 80 percent recycled LDPE plastic.

To find the best-performing courier bag, the study compared the impact of five, single-use alternatives to New Zealand Post’s original. The LCA considered the entire life cycle of each bag. In addition to its low carbon footprint, the New Zealand made recycled bag also performed best in 11 out of 14 additional environmental indicators, making it the best choice overall.

The results have enabled New Zealand Post to make an informed decision that will have a big impact.

To find out more, read an overview of the results or download the entire report, click here.

Image credit:  © thinkstep-anz


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