2022 Autumn Webinar Series: The Now and the NEXT of LCA

We’re pleased to share all the recordings from our Autumn 2022 Webinar Series.

Keynote Speakers

2nd March: Doughnut Economics with Juhi Shareef

9th March: Planetary Boundaries with Kate Meyer


16th March: Science Based Targets and Net Zero standard with Barbara Nebel

23rd March: Zero Carbon Steel with Troy Coyle

13th April: Firth’s Embodied Carbon Calculator with Dene Cook


4th May: Water Footprinting Techniques – Sarah McLaren

11th May: The Water Footprinting of Kiwifruit, Wine and Dates – Brent Clothier

18th May: Water footprinting of agricultural products – the relevance of the local data and local context – Ranvir Singh


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