LCA Foods 2022

Wednesday 12, October 2022

LCA Foods 2022

12-14 October, Lima, Peru.

LCA is currently one of the most commonly used and scientifically robust environmental management methodologies to determine the environmental profile of products and services. Although its applicability is vast, with notable research in most productive sectors, the agri-food sector has benefited undoubtedly thanks to LCA-related research.

This has justified the celebration of this biennial conference linked exclusively to the advances in the field of food LCA. The conference aims to:

Continue with the work done in previous LCA of Foods conference by creating a space for the LCA community to share and discuss about their advancements. Foster networking between research groups and industries on a global scale. Provide a space for LCA practitioners and developers to exchange ideas on methodological developments. Introduce policy-makers and industries in the Latin America – Caribbean region to the world of LCA, allowing them to meet the LCA community.
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