Environmental product declarations gaining traction

One green business that’s on the rise right now is that of providing environmental product declarations. The sector recently notched up its 50th EPD and is riding a wave of interest in more disclosure of sustainability impact in all we do – from environmental to social. According to Dr Barbara Nebel, who initiated the set-up of the EPD program five years ago for Australia and New Zealand, “momentum is picking up”. Her company thinkstep Australasia that she runs with her partner Matthias Nebel is responsible for half of all EPDs in the region and was the certifying authority for the sector’s 50th EPD, for Tasman Insulation New Zealand for its Pink Batts glass wool insulation segments, blankets and boards. Business is growing and they are now looking for staff in Australia.

While the main focus has been construction materials, interest is now spreading to textiles as awareness grows. Among the more unusual EPDs has been one for an entire train and even for toilet tissue.

Growth has been driven by the lack of available data to take a full life cycle approach for green buildings and green infrastructure, she says. “There is a lack of opportunity for building material manufacturers who undertook life cycle assessment studies to have a platform to communicate the results and share their story in a verified and credible manner.” Read more here;

Environmental product declarations gaining traction

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