EPD Australasia announces 12-month trade association membership discount

EPD Australasia is offering a discount on first year membership fees for companies who are a member of a trade association that is already signed up with EPD Australasia. This is offered to companies where a sector-wide EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) is registered by a trade association they are a member of.“We recognise that sector-wide EPDs registered by trade associations are an excellent gateway for some sectors to introduce their members to EPDs and their advantage in the marketplace.”said EPD Australasia Chair Stephen Mitchell.“The temporary discount is to encourage companies who have contributed data to sector-wide EPDs to register their own specific product EPD.” said Mitchell. EPDs registered with EPD Australasia are aligned with EPD International with over 1100 EPDs registered in 42 countries. EPDs registered with EPD Australasia are recognised under ISCA’s IS Rating Scheme and the Green Building Councils of Australia and New Zealand’s Green Star credits for ISCA or GreenStar® rated infrastructure and commercial construction projects. This is because they comply with EN15804. For the next 12 months organisations who are members of a trade association member of EPD Australasia Limited with under 500 employees may receive a 50% discount on their first year of membership with the programme. The discount will end 30 September 2020.

EPD Australasia

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