EOS 3D printing makes Mawo glasses three times more sustainable than conventional frames

An LCA carried out by 3D printer manufacturer EOS and Fraunhofer EMI has revealed significant sustainability benefits of 3D printing eyewear frames over those that are traditionally manufactured. 

3D printed eyewear frames manufactured by EOS’ customer YOU MAWO were found to have a 58 percent lower carbon footprint than conventional glasses. The LCA took into account each stage of the production process from material sourcing through to packaging and shipping, and assessed the environmental impacts of both the conventional and 3D printed glasses across 18 different categories.  

“We are shaping the future of responsible manufacturing,” said Björn Hannappel, Head of Sustainability at EOS. “Our goal and purpose are to combine pioneering digital innovation in industrial 3D printing and sustainable practices. The LCA we just conducted supports this approach and it proves that EOS is currently offering the most innovative method on the market to produce mass customized eyewear. 

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