LWG launches largest ever leather LCA study

The Leather Working Group (LWG) has announced what is reportedly the largest lifecycle assessment (LCA) for the leather industry to investigate the environmental impact of leather made in LWG-certified facilities.  

In collaboration with Milan-based sustainability consultancy Spin360, the study will begin by defining its goal and scope in the first stage. This will include defining the type of leather that will be considered in the study, as well as factors such as geographical origin, animal type, tanning technologies and the industries served (footwear, apparel, upholstery, etc.).  

The LWG’s LCA study will collect and analyse data from a minimum of 40 leather manufacturers based in various regions across the globe — making it the largest ever LCA conducted for the leather industry. By maximising and diversifying the data collected, the study will aim to include a wide representation of leather made in LWG-certified facilities.  

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