Northstar’s Empower Asphalt Shingle Repurposing Facility found to reduce CO2 emissions of liquid asphalt production by 60%

Northstar recently announced the positive results of the independent carbon dioxide (“CO2”) footprint Life-Cycle Assessment (the “LCA”) completed by Burgess Environmental Ltd. (“Burgess”) of selected performance indicators for Northstar’s Empower Facility in Delta, British Columbia . The Global Reporting Initiative (“GRI”) Standards were used as the framework for reporting on sustainability performance metrics. These performance metrics assessed the impacts and benefits of repurposing liquid asphalt shingles and compared them to the impacts and benefits of simply disposing of discarded or defective asphalt shingles. 

Highlights from the Empower Facility LCA:  

  • Confirms the Empower Facility is a “circular”, renewable industry solution with lower carbon dioxide emissions 
  • Net estimated greenhouse gas (“GHG”) emission savings of 121.94 kg of carbon dioxide equivalent per 1 tonne of feedstock (1) through diverting shingles from landfills and replacing virgin production asphalt production from the Empower Facility 
  • Net estimated carbon dioxide emission savings in the range of 1,500,000 kg to 3,000,000 kg of carbon dioxide equivalent per year (1) dependent on steady state production volume

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