Life Cycle Analysis Results Shared by Sekisui Specialty Chemicals

Wednesday 22, May 2019

Sekisui Specialty Chemicals is proud to share the results their 3rd party evaluated life cycle analysis (LCA). Sekisui Specialty Chemicals […]

Gore Fabrics outlines eco-friendly innovations

Monday 20, May 2019

WL Gore & Associates (Gore) Fabrics is using scientific research to drive eco-friendly improved material innovations that deliver uncompromised performance […]

Data Visualization Tool uses LCA to show Carbon Footprint of Everyday Products

Monday 20, May 2019

A Columbia researcher affiliated with the Data Science Institute and the Earth Institute has created a data-visualization tool that shows the carbon footprints of […]

Isko hosts Responsible Denim event for sustainability, focus on LCAs

Monday 13, May 2019

Isko recently hosted the ‘Responsible Denim’ event to share knowledge and experiences on the development of an integrated field-to-fabric approach […]

Environmental product declarations gaining traction

Monday 13, May 2019

One green business that’s on the rise right now is that of providing environmental product declarations. The sector recently notched […]

New LCA-based environmental indicator for evaluating the positive climate impacts of products

Wednesday 1, May 2019

Environmental impacts are often expressed through footprint indicators describing a negative impact, as in the familiar carbon and water footprints. […]

New USDA Beef Lifecycle Assessment Finds Environmental Impacts Lower Than Perceived

Wednesday 1, May 2019

A new study, recently published in the journal Agricultural Systems, is the most comprehensive beef cattle lifecycle assessment ever completed. […]

Wood Pallet Industry seeks assistance in a survey to develop environmental product declaration

Wednesday 1, May 2019

The Pallet Foundation is funding the development of a scientifically-sound EPD, which will report a standardized environmental impact of a […]

Decathlon makes a leap on environmental labelling – and it wants to share the data

Tuesday 30, April 2019

Global sporting goods retailer, Decathlon is currently completing a 10 year project that will see all textile and footwear items […]

New third-party life cycle assessment reveals minimal carbon footprint from Midsummer’s thin film solar cell production process

Tuesday 30, April 2019

A new study commissioned by solar energy technology leader Midsummer shows that the company’s proprietary flexible CIGS thin film solar […]


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