EPD International releases new default indicator list for non-construction products

The new default set of indicators includes all the impact indicators of EN 15804, which will increase harmonization between EPDs of construction and non-construction products.

The new and the old default sets will be valid in parallel during a transition period ending December 31st, 2022 to not interfere with ongoing EPD projects. EPD international recommends, however, to use the new default set when initiating new EPD projects.

Compared to the current indicator set, the new set:
1. changes the characterisation factors for the climate indicators due to the introduction of climate-carbon feedback effects, 2. (re)introduces the ozone depletion indicator (in kg CFC 11 eq.), 3. changes the acidification indicator (to accumulation exceedance in mol H+ eq.), and 4. replaces one single eutrophication indicator with three new eutrophication indicators: aquatic freshwater (kg P eq.), aquatic marine (kg N eq.), and terrestrial (mol N eq.).

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