New rules for EPDs, construction product PCR updated to align with new rules

International EPD System have released a new version of their General Programme Instructions (v4.0), which brings a rake of changes for EPDs, including EPD digitalisation. The changes are a result of updated General Programme Instructions (GPIs) as well as increased demand for EPD data – particularly for building and construction products. The rules for EPDs registered with EPD Australasia are contained in the GPIs of the International EPD System and are periodically updated. The current GPI version 3.01 is currently being replaced by GPI version 4.0 (GPI v4.0). To find out more about the new rules, click here.

On the 23rd of June EPD International released a new version of the construction product PCR of version 1.2 of PCR 2019:14 Construction products, which now complies with version 4 of the General Programme Instructions.

Examples of changes in version 1.2 are:

  1. Clarified rules on co-product and waste allocation.
  2. Update to EN 15804:2012+A2:2019/AC:2021. This corrects the unit for eutrophication aquatic freshwater, which means that the results only need to be declared for one unit for this impact category.
  3. Updated characterisation factors for the GWP-GHG indicator.
  4. Annex 2 added to describe and exemplify how GWP-biogenic results can be calculated and reported.
  5. Changed and clarified rules on EPDs of multiple products, including:
    • clarifications that such EPDs may be based on a representative product, average results, or worst results,
    • the rule on maximum 10% variation within the product group now concerns all impact indicators but is not valid for EPDs based on worst results,
    • not more than one set of results can be included per EPD,
    • added rules for converting results between products in a product group, or between declared/functional units

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