#rethinkLCA – Speakers Wanted!

#rethinkLCA will include speakers from the LCA community as well as industry insights from our members in a year that also marks 50 years of LCA practice.
The themes for the day reflect the need to #rethink how LCA is used and communicated, to support the needs of today’s business and society.

LCANZ would like to invite our members to present on any of the three themes of the summit:

LCA & Decision Making will focus on how LCA is used internally to improve processes and how it can drive a more Circular Economy.
LCA & Carbon reveals the importance of supply chains in understanding the full carbon footprint of a project or business, and the reductions necessary to meet our climate goals.
LCA & Communications will be more outward looking, focusing on how we communicate impacts, aims and progress to the wider world.

Please register your interest at secretary@lcanz.org.nz


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