Volvic announces Global Carbon Neutrality

As a key step in their sustainability journey, Volvic has transparently calculated and certified the carbon footprint of their products through every stage of their lifecycle and put in place a carbon reduction plan to further cut down emissions. Some of the steps taken to achieve carbon neutrality include:  

  • Volvic has reduced their carbon emissions by switching to 100% renewable energy at the plain water bottling site.  
  • In the UK, 78% of Volvic now travels from the bottling site to the store by train, which has a carbon footprint 7 times lower than that of trucks.  
  • In parallel, Volvic is helping restore the balance of carbon emissions by investing in natural ecosystems protection projects with their partner and project developer South Pole. In this way Volvic contributes to protecting forests, watersheds, biodiversity and local communities in more than two billion square meters of natural ecosystems in volcanic countries such as Peru, Congo and Uganda. These projects help to absorb carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and offset Volvic’s remaining carbon emissions to achieve carbon neutrality.  

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