ACLCA Innovation Studio: Big Connections

The ACLCA recently hosted the 3rd Innovation Studio, of a 3-part series, on “BIG Connections” with guest speaker Connie Hensler. They discussed how building meaningful relationships with partners and suppliers is so important to being able to develop successful LCA analyses. You can check out the recap here.

“BIG IDEAS” with guest speaker Tom Gloria also happened, where the following topics were covered:

🌎 Global Climate Change Urgency
🍃 Equity and Fairness in Sustainability
🛠️ New Tools and Techniques to Drive Solutions

You can find the recap here.

ACLCA’s first Innovation Studio, “BIG INNOVATIONS” with guest speaker Sangwon Suh took place this summer.  This included discussions about innovations in LCA that are in the pipeline in the near future and what steps to take to make the most of what LCA offers.  You can check out the recap here.

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