Autumn webinar series – Doughnut economics webinar recording now available

We are pleased to now offer the recording of our first Keynote webinar of our free autumn webinar series ‘The NOW and NEXT of LCA’.

The webinar titled ‘Doughnut Economics’ was delivered by Juhi Shareef on 2nd March.

Juhi Shareef is Chief Responsibility Officer at Tourism Holdings Limited where she oversees risk and sustainability. Juhi is Chair of the Battery Industry Group (B.I.G.) which has designed a product stewardship scheme for large batteries that supports the circular economy, and delivered a proof of concept for a blockchain-based digital battery passport. Co-founder of the Project:Moonshot initiative, Juhi initiated Te Takarangi – an indigenous Māori-led approach to environmental and social regeneration reimagined by Dr. Teina Boasa-Dean and inspired by doughnut economics. Juhi and collaborators are currently creating the Moonshot Map of circular and regenerative projects across Aotearoa NZ.


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